Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still sick

Well, on thursday I began to feel a bit better, so I figured I was on the upswing. Unfortunately, by supper time that night my left ear was completely clogged and I could barely hear out of it. Then when I attempted to sleep I couldn't for the pressure and the ringing that had ensued. At that point I was admittedly desperate. I looked up on the internet, natural remedies for ear infections (i was assuming that I had one). I remembered my midwife saying something about garlic in your ear. Sure enough I found the info I needed, but didn't have any fresh garlic. It did say that you could substitute onion and get basically the same results.

Here I am at 12:30 in the morning, cutting an onion and taking a tiny piece, wrapping it in tissue and stuffing it in my ear! ha! you know you're desperate when... And actually it did help take the pressure off which remedied most of the ringing. It wasn't my favorite sleepy time smell though.

So I went to the Dr. on Friday to report both a sinus and ear infection. Medicine (3 to be exact) which I filled at a new small town pharmacy (which I love and is now my fave). And sure enough I wake up this morning with pink eye! REALLY! Anything else? Haha. So, i get yet another medicine and am resigned to washing my hands like I'm OCD so as not to spread any of this to my kids or hubs.

Still can't hear much, but I don't hurt. I feel like I'm in another world, but that's not surprising. Hoping to feel better by Sunday night/Monday morning. Next post will be Wyatt's visit! What a big boy!


kathylovemeyer said...

Praying for you...that you feel much better real soon:) It's hard for momma to be sick:)

Shelby said...

Girl, so sorry you're feeling so bad! And pink eye to top things off. :( We will pray for you to have much better days ahead and hopefully, stoney and i will still get to come see you guys this coming weekend!