Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the Mend...

Hallelujah, me and my family are finally on the mend. The pressure on me ear has finally subsided after 2 weeks. I still haven't regained all hearing, but I wait on that with great anticipation. My littlest, W, is still coughing a good bit which breaks my heart. This was his first real illness. But I must say I'm actually thrilled that he is doing so much coughing cause it seems to be very productive. I'll be fully relieved when he ups his appetite again. Hubs never got fully sick. Though he still has the sniffles, and a great deal of snoring, he seems to be managing to avoid the full blown whatever it was. My girl, M, is still doing Mucinex Cold at night, but she too avoid the full fury of this monster illness. That's a big yippee from me!

If it weren't for a small visit from my mom, I may have lost my sanity in the midst of the last 2 weeks. Not only have we been too sick to do much of anything, it has been too cold to get out. I even got to go and have a massage on Friday just before mom headed back to N.C. Used my Christmas gift card! It was just what the Dr. ordered. I recommend April from Massage Envy on Pelham (for all those of you that are in town). Which I could afford to sign up for the membership! Ha!

I am going to turn in early as W has been an early riser as of late. But I will soon post his 6 month pics and some fun ones from a princess party M attended Saturday.


kathylovemeyer said...

So glad and thankful that you all are recoverying from sickness. BTW, rub Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottom of the feet of the cougher (young or old) at nighttime. Put socks on the feet so the vicks will not get on the sheets:) It is amazing how this will help stop the cough at night so everyone can get a little more sleep. It really works at least for us it does:) Jenny uses it all the time when her girls have a cough.