Tuesday, January 13, 2009

out sick

well, it seems i'm out sick again! I don't usually get sick this many times in one season. I don't think it's going to be as bad as my last bout with whatever, but I hate when I can't give 100% to my family. Still, my 3 yr old is the best at being considerate when someone doesn't feel well. She doesn't understand, however, that illness doesn't just go away in a few minutes or after one nap. I think little W's body may be fighting it as well, cause he slept a lot today. I'm double dosing my vitamins and doing 1500mg of Vitamin C. That should help us both. gotta get to the store to do the honey/cinnamon thing that is said to help shorten such illnesses. ran out of honey. loving my hot tea too.

Sad to say, i went to alot of trouble to make cream of asparagus soup and was disappointed at the outcome. Not sure what to do with it either. Not sure I want to eat it all...no way could i. so i forfeited on dinner tonight, and having leftovers while hubs and M are out for daddy daughter date night. W decided that an entire jar of carrots and an entire jar of pears would make a splendid sup. The boy can eat, i'll say that! Now he's enjoy Baby MacDonald video while I write and eat. I'll be knodding off early tonight again...for sure. Will write more, when things get better. Actually, will probably update after W's appt. on Thursday.