Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simply Green

Ok, I named this post according to two things that I'm working toward this week/season. Simplifying my house and going more green in my home environment.

I was re-inspired by a series that one of my fave blogs did recently. Simplify. I was reminded that simplifying is not just about cleaning out and having less stuff, it is about de-complicated your life. That may just be a matter of organizing. Or taking something that may even be "good" out of your schedule so that you can breathe easier, feel less stressed, have more time...whatever.

Simplification is something that J and I get on a kick about at least twice a year. Well, I've been re-inspired and thus I'm working toward a garage sale. I'm evaluating the couponing and sale hunting that I do as to whether it is worth the effort at this stage in life (lets keep in mind ALDI can compete even with sales and coupons most of the time). We are working out our family schedule right now in our home (cleaning and chores and such). Then comes a meal plan that includes 2 weeks of our fave meals, and then repeats the cycle with little variation (some variation but not much) so as to simplify the meal prep, grocery shopping, etc. Then comes budget...ugh. I do somewhat dread that, but it needs to be done.

Now about going green. This ties into my simplification process anyway cause I've been reading up on going green in cleaning and how to do that without breaking the bank. Let's face it there are plenty of products out there that claim to be natural, green, etc., but you usually get charged more for those items. And for me price generally trumps environmental kindness. I really like all the Shaklee stuff, but I don't have the initial budget for it. I think in the end you save money or at least its comparable because it is all concentrated and last a really long time. But I've been reading up on the use of baking soda, rubbing alcohal, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar (and for my tastes some tea tree oil) for cleaning just about anything and everything in your home. And in timely fashion, Walgreens is having this amazing sale (with their store coupons) on hydrogen peroxide and baking soda right now. You can get hydrogen peroxide (limit 3) for 39 cents! And baking soda (limit 4) for 50 cents! So I'm stocking up on these and throwing out all the other cleaners. Under my sink is going to look amazing when I'm through!

So, go green! It's easy, effective, and affordable, and it benefits the environment, but more importantly to me, you family. You'd be amazed at the poor quality of the air inside a home due to all the chemicals we use on a regular basis, and then to think those of us that stay at home with our kids are exposed all the more (and our children too). Can't wait to make this move.


It's a Mom Thing said...

I just told B the other day that as I finish the cleaners that are in my bucket currently, I am not going to buy anymore. I'm going to use the 'homemade' kind, too. So, you'll have to let me know how it goes. And I guess I need to get my rear over to Walgreens.

kathylove said...

Watch out for the expiration dates on the perixode and keep it in a dark place (cupboard).