Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Down the Commode...

Well, Lily has gone on the porcelain express. That didn't take long. I believe I googled the situation a few days too late. I was a little concerned when he/she was hangin near the bottom all the time. Apparently, Lily was constipated and thus lost buoyancy. Always was a greedy little gal when it came to the food. I'll be prepping for a water change and tank cleaning tomorrow. Just what I need to be worried about with the in laws coming tomorrow afternoon and a spa party on Friday night. Eventually we'll have to get her friend, Philly, a new buddy so they can join in the fraternal bond of tank hood.

On a side note, my shoulder and neck pain is back. A few visits to the Chiro helped, but I don't have the cash flow those guys would like for me to sign the plan! Ha! Will be doing further research for other options to remedy my issues. Oh the joys of getting older.

Had a wonderful time enjoying M's Music and Missions performance/presentation tonight. I do think my favorite part may have been the procession in while playing kazoos! Pop would have been proud!