Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Much Needed Update

I've been a blog slacker for some time now. I do wish I were better equipped for posting cool pics and what not. At this time though, there are still some boxes that haven't been unpacked and I have no idea where my ancient digital camera is and its connectors that make me capable to post pictures here. (My husband would be rolling his eyes at this moment...surely thinking of 8 million other ways to post a picture that I am completely unaware of). Still, it is what it is.

We have moved in to this lovely house...mostly. I'm very annoyed that I may be like Elastigirl on the Incredibles calling my hubs at work three years later to celebrate finally unpacking the last box. There is still an entire room that, although it is no longer empty, it is a useless space except for storing stuff we haven't dealt with yet. There is furniture to be had via the Hallquist furniture exchange program (something my hubs gave name to years ago), but that will require a trip and a u haul. So plans must be made and money as well.

We have already had numbers of visitors and plan on more to come here soon. Mom and Dad, Aunt Minnah and Cuzin C. My brother and his fam are to come this weekend if we all stay well. And my brother in law is to come at the end of the month! We have had dinner guests on 2 occasions, and I am trying desperately to get the place in some semblance of order so that I don't feel like the world's worst hostess while I force myself out of my little bubble and do a bit of entertaining. The thing with entertaining is that I am no great house keeper. If I could afford one, I'm sure I'd hire a live in house keeper. When I take a day off from everything else just to get work done around the house, I'm busy ALL DAY and I usually don't even make it to the shower or out of my pj's...and the house will still look like I've barely touched it. I haven't figured out if this is just some weird curse I have, or that I'm just a terribly unorganized slightly ADD individual, or what...So inviting guests over terrifies me, cause they really should see my house the way I imagine it in my head. The way I hope it will be one day!

Now all of us with 2 preschool kids (or more) understand that this "one day" means when the kids are grown and even possibly out of the house! Still, I'm allowing God to stretch me in this way!

What else...I have dubbed Tuesday "Tuesdays with Mercy" because this is a day when W is in school for a good portion of the day and I get to just be with her. I have treasured these days more than I can put into words...and she has too. Last week I asked her what things can mom and dad do that really let her know we love her. I was just asking her about her love language. She said basically gifts and physical touch. This has already helped me to connect with her a little better! And today was such a great mommy and me day! And we hardly did anything of significance.

We had a scare with her best friend being taken without permission for 10 days from her mother. Long story that probably needs to remain basic at this point, but it really allowed M and I to learn more about prayer...and the results of a life lived without concern for God. Hard lessons for a 4 year old. But none to avoid as this is a special child we have been keeping for 2 days a week all year.

On my front, personally, I'm loving what God is doing in my heart regarding worship! This has always been a fantastic love of mine, but it has gotten stamped and stifled on various occasions, the most recent being injuries inflicted by "Christians" and church members. In obedience, I have begun to get involved again in a local existing church through the music ministry. Those of you that know me, understand that this is the easiest way for me as music is an essential language to my heart and mouth. So, I'm singing in the choir, and out front on occasion...and just throwing it down at God's feet. LOVING it! But more than that the intellectual and theological (philosophical) fire that really gets me going is welling up. With the introduction of a new service...I'm in my element. So many things that I have studied and even experienced before...and longed for since. It will be fun and challenging just to be involved in the creativity and conversation surrounding this new thing.

I'm sure there is more, but this post it long enough if you ask me.


W and Js mommy said...

I love you for being REAL! I love the way you parent--I love that you are open and I love seeing you PRAISE our FATHER with JOY on your face--it brings me JOY! I just love it and wanted you to know that you bless me by being obedient!