Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Still unpacking

Been an interesting time these last few weeks. Trying to unpack and keep to businesses running. Started home schooling. Went without air conditioning for a number of days. Now we have our first house guest!

Aunt Minnah and cousin (baby) C came to visit! We've been having so much fun teaching the 2 little ones about sharing. Cousin C has gotten an eye and earful of each of my kids! They are loud. W seems to be understanding more and more! Which means he knows what he should do...so the limit pushing has begun. I need to say that I think he's doing quite well! Been fun to hear him talk lately too! He just all of a sudden started piecing together strings of many words into sentences! The first sentence that I recognized obviously was "I don't wanna get in the car!" Every word! And it has taken off from there. It is so nice when your child can verbalize what they need or what is frustrating them! Here's to many more sentences to come!

M is having a little bit of issues adjusting. She loves home school in some ways and misses the surrounding of lots of other children as well. She thinks Mrs. Crown is the best teacher EVER! Funny. It goes rather quickly and I'm looking forward to our trip to the planetarium on Friday night.

We are still constantly trying to find things that are temporarily missing! I assume the few boxes that have remained untouched must house most of these items. We are also laughing at the bare rooms. We enjoy the simplicity of it, but will eventually need some furniture pieces here and there. Ah the space! We have really enjoyed the outside backyard! We do have a bit of bugs, but seem to be managing it ok...except for M who literally covered every inch of her body or skin with some type of clothing just to be sure that a bee or flying insect didn't sting her! Funny. Ah the pics are on hubs phone but that would certainly be worth a post! Can't wait to be settled! But even these things take time...

Off to enjoy my sister's visit. Will post more later...and work on some pics hopefully.


kathylovemeyer said...

Yes, waiting to see those pics:)