Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Truthfully, I don't feel like this was a terrible horrible...day, but to most I suppose it would be. I wanted to do something nice for my nearly 4 yr old girl. So I decide if I can play child swap with my friend B, I'll take M and her friend to the free family movie festival. That is of course, provided that friend "B" could trade her daughter for my son, cause I'm sure that W wouldn't fare well in a movie. So we are making the swap and running a little late for the movie, but no big deal. As friend is pulling away I realize that I had laid my keys in her car...so I try to flag her down but she doesn't see me. so I try to call, but she had left in such a hurry that her phone was at home.

When she finally got home she had to drive the keys back to me, but by then my free movie option was out! The girls were very upset...so we chose something else to do, but ended up at a McDonalds (not my choice mind you) that happened to have a very large playground! They enjoyed it and I ate something that I'm bettin was a good two times the amount of calories that I was supposed to have for a meal! Then we went to Wilsons! Now for those of you around these parts that needs no explanantion, but I will say it is a five and dime. So much tiny random cheap stuff the girls thought it was the best thing ever. My main focus there was 2 fold. Find dog related birthday stuff for W's first bday celebration...nothing. And to collect things to create a violet costume for M (that's Violet Incredible "Parr"). I found plenty of stuff along those lines but didn't realize that I needed orange felt for that too! We also got distracted and found an astronaut helmet, one for Cuz and M, and a pirate eye patch which she has long asked for.

Then girls came home to swim! and they had a ball. They even cooperated when it was time to leave to take Friend home and swap children again. Then came the even worse part. Seems like everythime I am going to get my kids weird things happen. Not long ago it was the hit and run in my front yard that took out the traffic light sign. Then it was this huge storm that came out of nowhere and caused me to have to dodge tree branches. This time as I'm at a red light...stopped. The 18 wheeler in front of me starts to roll back. No big deal. I understand they do this and I don't ride bumpers. But he continues to move closer and closer to my car. At this point I am laying on my horn! I mean seriously. And put my car in reverse anticipating trying to get out of this guys way...but I (unlike him) have to check to see if I'm going to hit anyone. And then he hits me. This is almost simultaneous to me realizing that I have some space to back up cause I'm not sure if he's going to keep coming or not. Then the light turns green. And I'm thinking that he is going to pull over, and he doesn't.

Bad has now turned to worst. I am dialing 911 and instinctively putting my car in drive to chase him down (honking all the while). Finally about 3-4 lights down (all the while on the phone with a dispatcher), I get his attention and he pulls over. He is irritated and clearly doesn't want to file a report. Well, he didn't seem extremely trustworthy and I like to do things by the book so we have filed. Thankfully everyone was ok and the air bag didn't deploy so that I could chase him down. I mean that would have been even worse if he had hit and run for real. Let me tell you it is hard to pull over an 18 wheeler without police lights. All in all it is working out ok. We have to take some digital pics and get 2 estimates, but everyone has been pretty nice considering.

Was gonna take M to vacation bible school tonight...and still might, but she fell asleep inside her Rose Petal Cottage while she was playing. Late naps were a result of all the chaos of the day. I'm looking forward to going to sleep so that I can try again tomorrow!


Shelby said...

wow, what a day you had!! and glad to hear that you guys are okay after the truck incident! and excited to hear that you found an astronaut helmet for stone and m!! how fun! can't wait to see you on sunday!