Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have entitled my post thus because I am living in anticipation of July. June has been crunch month in so many ways. As for summertime activities, we have been filled with June time things and not so much for July. As for PartyMe Princess roll out dates...they are happening the first of July, if not the very tail end of June. Not to mention my baby turns 1 on June 30th! And my first born will be 4, 6 days later! Sheesh!

I anticipate that July will be, in a lot of ways, a more laid back and relaxed month. Some things are very much under way as far as an ad for my business. The costumes are done (for the most part), the pics have been taken, the website should be up and running in another week or two...and then I wait. For phone calls and parties to book. And the truly busy work of this business will be over and I can move into the maintenance phase.

Of course I will still have to manage the thing with actual visits, calendar updates, LLC paperwork and a separate bank account, taxes...But the due dates and crunch time things will be minimal and for that I will be glad.

On the home front, baby boy still has his adorable curls! Couldn't bear to cut them yet. M is in VBS this week and for whatever reason she says she doesn't like it and just wants to go home to her mommy. Think that may have more to do with being out of school and trying to reattach the umbilical chord. Poor little lost girl... Still she's doing well all things considered. Looking forward to a visit from our cuz and Nani!

Fine in 2009 is going well! Don't know if I've lost much weight, but I have definitely lost inches and that counts for more if you ask me. I feel better about my appearance and that is what matters most...not to mention I'm definitely on the road to better health! I mean I hadn't excercised regularly since high school! My mental health is taking a summer dip as I'm trying to juggle the attention of 2 children 24/7 and a side business start up in addition. Think things will ease up as school approaches and the business moves to a steady, maintenance phase. We shall see.