Friday, June 19, 2009


My kids bdays are creeping up on me. I have had so many things on my plate that it is a good thing that I put things away for presents all year! Otherwise I'd be in bigger trouble than I already am. We'll be having multiple parties as usual. We technically already had M's bday bash at Monkey Joes with her school friends. She's the youngest of the bunch and had been attending there's all year. So the big shindig is out of the way.

However, for M's first bday we had 2 huge blowouts! And for W, poor 2nd born...I have barely thought about it. I decided that the Hallquist side of the family's celebration will be themed with dogs. Dogs are seriously one of W's favorite things! I don't know why. We don't own one, but not only does he sign the sign for dog, but he says "Gog" and makes barking sounds. So we'll have a dog cake and probably plates and such. But this will not be quite the same ordeal as was M's first bday party. The we'll have anoher celebration for both M and W when we visit the Young side of the family in July. You see my kids bdays are 6 days apart. W will be 1 and M will be 4!

As for presents...what do you get a 1 year old. Most of my facebook suggestions say not to get him much. just have good family fun and take lots of pics. I like that. I actually do have lots of things put away for him...but they are not quite age appropriate yet. I have an immaculate rug that has roads and a town on it for car play when he gets bigger. I have tons of those cardboard bricks for building...again when he is bigger...there is more, but just not ready for those yet.

For M, I have one main thing that I got in a yard sale before Christmas. It is a Fisher Price FP3 player. It is for kids and is downloadable with headphones. I also have a Transparent Man that I got at the Goodwill Clearance Center for $1.09/lb. He is missing some of his parts, but I don't think that really matters at this age. She is just so interested at whats on the inside of her body.

Should be interesting to see what else I come up with. I do want to get W a little tikes hammer, cause he loves his but it has a short and only works part of the time. And I am looking to get M one of the MLP's she's been asking for since before Christmas.

Also get to schedule and accomplish their yearly pics! So much to add to my plate!


Katie Patterson said...

I love the rug idea!!! I didn't know they made stuff like that...where did you get it???

Alyson Roth said...

I wish I could be there for my niece and nephews birthdays!!! I could eat them both up and miss them (and you and J) tons!!! The pics that you took of them at the park are still my desktop pic on my computer. I love seeing them everyday!! Such cuties!

Good luck with the birthday celebrations. I wish I were there to be a part of them all. One day soon (when they get older), we'll celebrate birthdays at Disneyland!!!