Friday, January 26, 2007

Working on Thriving

So, I was scolded for not having blogged in a while. I've learned my lesson and now I'm back. Do you need an explanation or an excuse? OK well here's the short version. I haven't really had anything interesting to say. AND there was the whole getting a new computer thing that set us back. AND my husband seems to have taken up permanent residence at the computer. He's asleep now, so I have my chance.

I have been working on thriving, and I must say it seems I might be good at it (with help of course). I have a friend! And I have the possibility of many more friends, real opportunity. In fact, we've already begun the relationship building process. Jason and I are going over to a couples house in our SS class next week for dinner. I am involved in a Mom to Mom group which I feared might be slightly cheesy and super baptisty, but I have found it to be essential to my spiritual, emotional, and parental health. I have only been two or three times, and already I have learned and been challenged so much! I'm singing in the choir and loving every minute of it! And we are starting dinner groups in our enormous SS class next month! This church and what God is doing here is amazing! And I'm so glad we're in the middle of it. I'm even studying God's word on a regular basis, which is a challenge for someone with a toddler and sleeping problems, but it really hasn't been difficult at all. And I miss it when I have forgotten or don't wake up in time. Now we just need to pray for Jason...

He needs a job. He has a lot of possibilities, but no job. This is new to him and it seems he is easily discouraged. I know what it feels like to be in a new city and have no real friends or a job where he could make friends. Then there's the man thing where they find a lot of their self worth in being able to provide. And so far, we have wanted for NOTHING. Don't ask me how, cause my only answer would be God. Not just a job though, I pray for him and uplifted spirit. One that is not hesitant to reach out to new people in order to build the relationship. One that shows determination and perseverance in putting himself out there to find a job. I hear cynicism and/or bitterness, maybe even resentment in his voice sometimes when he talks about "friends" or a "job". So, I just ask that ya'll pray for him with me. I don't want him to be where I was just a few months ago!

Mercy is tremendous! We marvel over her daily! She is super smart! She speaks in sentences very clearly for the most part! Of course not everything she says is a sentence, but she uses them fairly often. She says "watch a movie", yesterday she said "make you feel better", and she sings more than before. She knows more songs than I thought she did! I'm going to post some pics soon cause Jason uploaded them.

Well, just the last few things. I gave my resume to a church just for clerical work a few hours a week. Don't know how that should go, but I'm hoping God will open and close those doors for me. I've been invited to a women's bible study in the homes of some of the younger minister's wives in the church. I'm not usually a workbook bible study kind of gal, but Jason encouraged me to try it and see. I am trying out for the Soprano part in a classical easter performance of the 7 Last words of Christ. Haven't much done the classical thing in a while, so we'll see. And last but not least, I am exploring taking community Spanish communication classes. I really hope the latter works out.

OK. I will try not to be gone so long next time. Gotta get Mercy and Jason up so we can go to Janet's for BOGO breakfast today.