Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chicken for Christmas

Christmas, for us, lasted many least three to be closer to exact. Maybe four. We did pre-Christmas at the Young's homestead. It was a very fun visit though we saw entirely too little of John, Connie, and Brooke. Hopefully, we'll make it down for Brooke's dedication at the end of January. Spending the night made the most of our time spent on such a short visit.

Mercy thoroughly enjoyed herself! She definitely came away with the most presents! We decided that since there is no way around "Santa", Mercy would understand that Santa was a servant of God's delivering gifts for Jesus' birthday. It's worked out pretty well. Jesus gives presents instead of gets presents for His birthday...of course we all know that Jesus, himself, was the best gift of all!

Christmas day was celebrated at our own house by our own little family! Mercy and I wore our pajamas almost all day! Fabulous! Except for the back pain I had all day, it was extremely relaxing. Mercy's "big" gift was a kitchen! We had to hide her Dora car she got at the Young Christmas extravaganza, so she would open her other gifts.

Her kitchen is the same as the one I had when I was a kid. I got it and all its accessories at garage sales this summer and spent about $30. I had to touch up the burner stickers with sharpies. She loves it though! Now every morning she spies it and wants to play with her "chicken"...sometimes it's kitchen and other times it's chicken. So Mercy got a "chicken" for Christmas! We all got a lot of movies and TV shows series. It was fantastic, but family and remembering and celebrating the gift of Jesus was the best of all.

Mercy says it's time to go home and go night later.