Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mountain House

Jason and I just got back today from our Mountain escape to "The Solitary Place." We needed to get away and just "be" and to celebrate our 5 year we did. It was a mere 40 minute drive from our house, and cost us next to nothing! We enjoyed the most amazing scenery of mountains and lakes and waterfalls. We saw deer tracks and raccoon tracks. Jason tried to fish, but with no luck. We made a fire every night and vegged out, watching dvd's and reading. We drove into Hendersonville, NC and walked around and enjoyed that a bit, but we will have to go again seeing as I got the stomach flu in the middle of that exploration. It came and went quickly though, so all is well. I slaved over a dinner the first night and was disappointed! Ha! That's the last time I spend more than 2 hours cooking anything other than something in a crock pot!

We didn't do a whole lot of "celebrating" if you will. We forgot to bring our wedding video. We were going to watch it. I was going to make us a cake and then realized that there was no mixer, so I couldn't do the icing. Still we celebrated in our own ways...

Talk about solitude...there is no cell service there, no cable outside of one channel, no computer access...just you and the fire, nature, and quietness. It was great! we didn't want to leave. Truly! we wanted to stay and somehow make it our own. And maybe one day that dream can come true. I just appreciated the opportunity to be reminded of the awesomeness of my God and Creator! I didn't think I could be quite so moved by nature, but I've been missing it in my spirit somehow. And how I appreciate it more these days!

Well, it's way past time for me to nod off. The whisling of the train as it passes not far from here is reminding me that it's time to climb in bed and get comfortable. Don't ask why. those of you who really know me have heard that for reasons that I don't know or maybe can't remember, the sound of trains is deeply comforting to me. Thank you, Lord, that you didn't leave that out when you relocated us here to Greenville. There are trains everywhere! Goodnight to all!


Lacey said...

Happy #5! I know that it must have been amazing to get away together. Hope to talk soon! Love you.