Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tightwaddery is back!

Yippee! I discovered the Tightwad Gazette late in life. Too late to actually get the newsletter. But I read all the books and in true tightwad fashion, I didn't pay a penny for them. I got the first one that hooked and roped me in from my dear friend Adele. She was playing cleansweep at her old abode and I was the beneficiary of the book #1. Then I went in search for 2 and 3. And checked them out of my local library and read and made notes almost immediately. I longed for more, but Ms. Amy D had retired.

Well, my mom just recently found the family who picked up the torch. The Economides family! You guys would really be missing out if you didn't check there website out. This family really works hard to be dubbed The Cheapest Family in America. Apparently, I'm way behind cause they've been feature on television several times even recently, but we rarely watch it during the day. I'm very tempted to buy the book used and/or split a subscription to the newsletter. Might make a really great valentine's day present!

Anywho...that's just a heads up to all you who check in on this periodically. Gotta go get ready for dinner with the SS class!


Miriam said...

Hi Gini.
Just checking a new friend's blog. Glad to know you try to be a frugal gal, as do I. I still have a lot to learn, but I've found a few "frugal blogs" that I really like. They have inspired me to hit the thrift stores more often and I can't wait until it's warm again so I can go "yard selling." Want to come?