Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

O.K. so tomorrow is really Father's Day, but I'm anticipating it by mearly an hour and a few minutes. I could not let this day go by with out commending the "Dad's " in my life.

My dad is the ideal dad. I know not many can say that, but, thank God, I can. Sure he has his imperfections as do any of us, but his "good" outways his "bad". My dad is Gary Hallquist. He has passed down to me so many things and thus I'll just mention them as they come to mind. Music is first, not just a love of music, but a desire to create it. I think that is like God our father, the ultimate Creator. Sure He passed down a love of the beauty of His creation, but He also passed on a desire to create. So, my dad also passed down a hunger for learning and continued learning. He challenges me theologically, intellectually, musically, morally. Challenge, I mean here to be a good thing, a pushing toward, a "help you along" hand on the way to the next level. He is patient, kind, wise, loving, thoughtful, selfless, talented, humble, and I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous cause you are can one person be all those things? I honestly don't know except to say that he has a very personal relationship with Christ.

With such a great example, naturally I unintentionally sought someone like my own dad...enter Jason. He, too, is gentle, patient, kind, smart, and handsome. But, as I watch him with our daughter, Mercy, I know that they too will share the sweet relationship that I share with my dad. They way he handles her is such a beautiful combination of relaxed fun, gentleness, and strength. I see the admiration in her eyes when she looks at him and the joy that overwhelms her when he pays attention to her. What a dad he has already become, and he has only just begun. I'm excited for both Mercy and Jason as they are headed into a glorious relationship!

Happy Father's Day!!!