Monday, September 21, 2009

The Things I Love

Ahhh...It is 10:30 a.m. The house is quiet cause Baby is sleeping. Sister is at school for a little while longer. I feel so satisfied, maybe content is a better word. There is little angst in the pit of my stomach over expected guests coming to my home or an upcoming party that I need to get organized or do some buying for.

I actually have some time, though it is a small amount, to get somethings done. Hence the blogging. I also feel contented cause I just did some couponing and loved it! I have gotten away from this due to the lack of time and the simplification of going to ALDI. Clearly ALDI is still my favorite. Lowest prices no coupons required! And its clean and I know the people who work there. Love it! Still, as the economy is such, I am needing to find even more savings on some things. Thus, I am going to start grocery gaming. Since I have tried this before, I am able to be better prepared when I do start. I know that I do not need a list to every store. I now know in which stores I will shop. One grocery store and one drug store...maybe a Walmart list, although I do not really enjoy Walmart shopping.

I have now saved up to sets of two weeks worth of Sunday coupons, so only 4 more weeks to go till I have pretty much all of them on the list. I actually got one extra set of coupons so that I could use those now as needed. And I was able to do that this morning.

I went to Publix. I love Publix! It is easy to shop there and you get alot of help from the employees. However, I never shop there because I feel like it is the priciest of supermarkets. But, there are some things that we need in our house due to allergies that only Publix carries. So about once a week (every Monday) I take W to Publix. He loves it cause he gets a free balloon. Lately they have had store coupons that I have been able to combine with manufacturers coupons and get really good deals on. And of course there's the 1 cent coupon that is only good on Sunday and Monday. So I have gotten those extra items as well. I got 3 reusable shopping bags with coupons and the great thing is they aren't just some boring bag...they are halloween inspired! One is Frankenstein, one has a magic wand on it, and the other is plain black! M is going to flip over the spooky one.

Today I ended up getting 11 items for $11.35! I saved a total of $10.42 (so almost 50%)! It was like shopping at the dollar store except I got name brand things like Progresso soups, Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls, and ground beef to name a few! Not bad for just getting my feet wet again. So get to combining those coupons cause last week's mystery item was Cheerios (a large box) and this week's was coffee (which I needed anyway)! Hooray for savings! We all just might make it through this economic recession after all!


kathylovemeyer said...

You are SO SMART! Always luv to read ur blog and keep up with fam. BTW you are going to LUV this site:
Check it out. I have a friend who is a major contributer to it and has a room full of free stuff from coupon clipping, etc. Wish I was as industrious...