Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slow to Upload

When there is a dry spell in my blogging, it is traditionally for one of two reasons...the first being that I'm just bored with it and feel somewhat apathetic with little to say. The second being that I am overwhelmed with things to say and so full with the life that is currently presented me that I haven't an inkling of time to spare for the blog.

The latter would be true in this case.

I will blog a bit and hopefully do some pics in the next little bit!

Life has been full. Full good or full bad you say? I say, "Yes". Seriously, don't know when I've had so much tugging at my head and my heart! Too much to detail here, but I have enjoyed it all none the less. When God places stuff in my life that could be dubbed as difficult to accept, I now know (through experience...lots of experience) that I can accept it through faith knowing that the other side of it all is going to be freaking awesome! I don't always like the way things in my life go...but I know that eventually I'm gonna love where God has taken me.

So, we are in the middle of major life change all around us. A few things have changed in our own lives, but a lot of things have changed in the lives of those around us! Of course, when you live and operate in community the way God intended, then you know that the shifts in the lives of others greatly affects your own life! So, we have been given the chance to minister in community and I'm thrilled! To show another the depth of God's love for us! What could be better?

On our family front, M has started school. We went back and forth over school and finally placed her in an inbetween class that teaches K5. I had my reservations about her maturity level and motor skills...and turns out I was right. Talked with her teacher today, and they now have an opening in the K4 class that they didn't have when I was trying to sign M up. M tried it out today and felt better about it. More confident of her skill level and such. She's working very hard on writing and making letters and numbers. Her motorskills have always been a good bit behind her intelligence level. She's not behind by any means. Most likely right on as far as 4 yr olds go, but her brain comprehension is beyond that of her age. Then there is her maturity level. Well, she is 4. right on. Need I say more. (The teacher didn't seem to think that mattered since she said she has many 5 yr olds that act like 4 yr olds!) Still, I'm glad my concerns were accurate and valid, and that they now have a spot for her in a more appropriate place. I'll just be most glad when she finally gets settled in one routine...So far we haven't settled into a routine with home and school.

W is a mess. The most beautiful boy I've ever seen and I can see how this is going to be trouble. He is a bruiser, no doubt, with a soft spot for his mama! He is mean as a snake when he wants to be, and rough and tumble unless mama's close enough to pick him up and love on him when he gets a boo boo. Hopefully he'll get some social interaction being in the nursery while I'm in Mom to Mom. He's still a HUGE eater! It still blows me away! He is really into climbing, although not out of his least not yet. He is trying to say all kinds of words. A good bit into repetition. He is finally enjoying seeing and hearing books more than eating them (most of the time). And He LoVES his dadda! so cute.

I am trying to find comfort in routine as well...hoping for that more in the next week or so. My party business is going pretty well. It goes in spurts. Lots of parties. No parties. Bookings for 2 months out and last minute things. I love it though. The last party I did was fantastic! I snuck in the house (with the mom's permission of course), stood in the foyer and started singing a call to the animals type princess thing! They were mesmerized! The little girls just wanted to sit around and talk shop. Where is so-and-so? What color is the castle? What do my shoes look like? The questions are by far my favorite party of doing these parties! My days are pretty full helping others, with a little bit of sewing for M thrown in there. It'll settle down a bit soon, I'm sure, but I have to say that I'm really enjoying sewing!

Mostly, I'm doing clothing redesign/repurposing. We are watching every penny, as are most people in these economic times, and I decided instead of going out and blowing the wad on buying outfits for back to school, I'd take inventory of the things she does have and turn them into working outfits for fall. It's been a fun journey and I can't wait to post pics! Well, time to sew before the sleeping children awake!


Alyson Roth said...

Love you, my sweet friend! Keep strong on the journey God has you on. You are an amazing woman, wife, mother, and friend. Blessings are about to fall all over your head, so get ready!

Love you,


kathylovemeyer said...

Always luv ur posts and keeping up with the fam:)