Friday, January 04, 2008

This is a Review!

Seriously, I never do this, but I just have to say that I love this product. Yesterday I went to Sears to get two "tummy sleeve"s. My Aunt Martha told me about them when we visited them over the holidays and she had heard it from her dental hygenist. How odd is all that by the way.

Does anyone remember the old "Units" idea from the early 90's? Well this is only slightly similar and yet I am constantly reminded of it. It is basically a moderately thick, spandex "band" that is not too tight (cause its all elasticy), that holds up your pants and can cover your entire pregnant belly at the same time.

Now this is really good for early pregnancy when you are in between clothes and such. You put this on and you can leave your pants entirely unbuttoned and/or unzipped, and this covers it up, smooths out the lines, and holds your pants up as well. And it just looks like the bottom of a longer t-shirt. You can even get them in different colors with or without lace as a trim.

In this cold weather, I'm loving that it is another warm layer on my belly that also keeps the wind from getting in, since its fitted. And I love being able to wear some of my favorite pants still! It also saves me from having to spend a bundle on so many maternity clothes of varying sizes.

Here is an example of some really funky ones. Mine are simple one white, one black...And Sears had them for slightly less than $17!


kathylove said...

What will they think of next! Where were these when I had my babies!