Wednesday, January 16, 2008

200th Post!

This is my 200th post!'s snowing!

I sort of hope that there is actually snow on the ground in the morning so that M can experience it. I mean she's never experienced snow. All children should and she's at the age that it will be really fun to watch her discover it! Just wish I had a fireplace to warm her up with after it's all over. I also sort of hope that there will be ice on the roads so that I can have an excuse to keep hubs at home since he's been out of town and we've missed him. Not to mention that he is worn out from all the manual labor he did on this business trip.

Grocery Shopping:

We started to talk about this just a smidge in Mom to Mom today and I thought I ought to post about some of the basics. I do not pretend to be an expert, but lets just say that I tend to have a nack for it.

1. If you're going to do coupons, really do them. Now I know that couponing is hard. It takes organization, time, and effort. But if you are not an organizer, then do a basic organization of alphabetizing, or collect them into like categories (cleaning supplies, packaged goods, cereals, etc.) But it pays to collect alot. Get several sunday can get them at a discount at walmart or dollar stores and I think walgreens. It's better if you get them from people who don't care about coupons.

2. It really does pay to have more than one coupon of the same kind (especially if you use that product alot). Here is why. When you have a coupon, the most savings can be had when you use your coupon with the product in its smallest size or quantity. So if you need more diapers than the 30 pack, it really pays to have $1.50 coupon for a 30 pack and then another $1.50 coupon for another 30 pack. That way you've saved $3.00 on 60 as opposed to buying the 60 pack and only using the one coupon and only saving $1.50. Do you see you just saved twice as much.

3. Lots of supermarkets double coupons (look out 2-4 times a year some triple coupons). So, coupons do pay...sometimes double. usually up to .50 or .60 cents. Check and double check. One of my fave stores I thought doubled coupons, does not. It was disappointing.

4. If you want to get the best deal, then you can't be brand selective. Let me clarify. I always thought that this meant I had to get the generic, but keep in mind you don't have coupons for generic. Sometimes the brand name when on sale and combined with a coupon are way better deal then just buying the generic.

5. Buy One Get One combined with 2 coupons (yes this is legit cause you are buying 2 items, so you can use 2 coupons) is almost always the best deal! Try it and do the math. I'm serious. 2 coupons and bogo!

6. When It's at it's Lowest Price, Buy Extra! I can not express this enough. A few weeks ago I found Sirloin Steaks for 2.99 a pound, that was $4 off. We never have steak cause it's expensive, but at that price I got two packs. One we ate that week, and the other pack is in the freezer for another week. This way we can have steak twice and not have to pay the full price either time. Same with things like paper towels. I do have my favorites...paper towels are Viva and if I can get them on sale I'll buy those. I just got them almost half off in a pack of 6, or I could buy them for almost 2 times that if I just bought them one at a time as I neede them. No way. This way I have my fave paper towels for a good 6 weeks and they were half price!

7. Don't forget the coupons on the back of your receipt! That's how we get out hair cut around here for under $7!

8. If you are not a couponer and probably never will be or maybe you have fallen out of the habit (like me) shop at ALDI. If you don't have an ALDI, do the Wal-Mart thing. If you like to get all your shopping done in one place, then these are generally your best bet. You could also just shop sales (look through the adds and go to the various stores for the various deals). Only don't forget that gas is expensive and time is precious.

9. Make things from scratch. This is almost always cheaper than pre boxed/packaged things.

Hope this is helpful to those who frequently ask how I do it.

*Just as a note of encouragement, even if you fell of the coupon wagon and feel drawn to a particular grocery store (like I am to Bloom right now), you too can save a good $25 every visit. Last time I saved $25 and only spent $25 (don't think I used coupons that time, just shopped the sales only). Today's visit I spent my usual $50.00 and saved $25.00. Using one coupon for diapers and a nice, fat coupon for the entire purchase. The store sends these to me the more I shop ($10 off $35). I got 4 of these for the month--hallelujah.


Tobie said...

Thanks for the tips. I will try to use them. I do coupons, but not as much as I should. I hope you guys are doing well.

Tres Alejandros said...

i am advertising for a friend! she just started a frugal blog:
check it out!! i passed your blog on to her...and you posted frugalness today! perfect timing!

Meredith Peel said...

YOu crack me up with all of your organization. I've never thought of you as a big detail person, and this couponing takes all that. I'm jealous of your snow there! Dad told me about it this morning. I can't wait to see you next weekend!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Saw your snowman today! Cute, cute! I bet M had a blast out there making it. Did J get to stay home?

Kama said...

Hey, Tres Alejandros sent me your link! Cool blog. Another good point about couponing is that CVS is a great deal--tons of frugal blogs talk about how you can use it! I also found out today that some stores will double or triple, but they'll only do that for the first one if you have multiples of the same item. The others are just at face value. Just FYI. :) Happy couponing!