Thursday, September 20, 2007

M Antics!

What can I say?! I love my family! And M keeps us rolling! What personality! I wonder where she gets it? Today there were many funnies, but the ones I'm posting are these.

First, when I picked her up from "school" her teachers asked me what it was that she was saying all day about her best friend? "Nigua?" "Negro?" (to these I'm think 'good heavens!' and get a little anxious). No you preschool teachers, It's Uniqua the backyardigan!

This animal? monstrosity was adopted near the end of August. M is pretty good about playing with things in the store and then saying her goodbyes and leaving the toy on the shelf. Uniqua was a different story. She spotted this creature as big as she and the excitement was expressed in whisper tones of great awe and wonderment. So Uniqua was invited to ride along in the shopping cart as we did our further shopping. As the trip progressed, it was obvious to Hubs and me that Uniqua was here to stay. M was holding long, meaningful conversations with her. She called her by name and said that she was her best friend. So we put things back on the shelf, so that "Niqua," M's nickname for Uniqua, could come home with us. To our pleasant surprise Uniqua was half price that day as well.

Now, M rarely sleeps without her and misses her when they are separated during school. I do think it is a tad sad for a little girl to claim a mere stuffed toy as her BFF, but since she doesn't actually grasp the BFF concept, I'll relax about it for now.

I will say that when M pronounces her name in that sweet little voice it does sound like a slightly offensive term. What can I do? That is her name and to see the child's love and excitement for her erases any awkwardness.

Next I guess M got cold, cause she figured out this little get up and continually recreated it all afternoon. She used one blankie as her "hat" and one to "wrap me up." Gotta get a pic of that!


Nicole said...

M is so cute! I have to say my oldest is the same way, his best friend is a blue (tattered and torn had since the day he was born) blanket. Although he calls it "bwanket" (his l's are sometimes w's and y's) and blanket has to go everywhere. Blue Blanket even made an appearance in last year's Christmas photo.

Meredith Peel said...

What a crazy nut my niece is!

Shelby said...

I think it's too cute about Uniqua! And I LOVED it when I saw her all wrapped up in her blankets.. she and Stone could go on the road for their funnyness!!

beth said...

Hey don't tell M...but I saw a very special Uniqua costume at Target was soooo cute