Monday, August 06, 2007


Well, as cliche as it sounds...everyone that gave me a suggestion is a winner, cause I have greatly depleted my chicken finger supply! Only half a bag left!

I had trouble choosing! As far as ease goes and yum factor, I loved the salad way. There are so many ways you can go with that as far as various toppings and dressings! It's just so good. Now, as far as taste! BiG Taste...that was the chicken fried chicken suggestion! THat was a big hit across the board! It took more work, but was so yummy!

So, since there is a tie, then there are two winners! Horray for Kendra at Tres Alejandros and Nico at NicoWorld!

I will be mailing out a goody pack on Thursday to Nico provided I get your contact information. Also for your sewing center order...

Kendra I will contact you personally since I know you. feel free to contact me if you like. You too get a custom something from my sewing center.

Yeah! Winners!


Nico said...

Gini I'm so excited! This totally made my day! I'm so glad that your family enjoyed all of the recipes. Have a great day! Do you mind sending me and e-mail at with all of the details? Thanks again.