Thursday, August 02, 2007


Hallelujah. #2 has made it in the potty. Clearly this is a small step because M is still "scared" of the whole #2 in the potty concept. But her being so bright and verbal has made for interesting new conversation! She told the man at the cash register today that she made a brown poo-poo in the potty today! Alright! Well, at least it was brown. How much more interesting would it have made things had she given it another color?!

A humongous step in the right direction, but a long way to go in this arena. Still I'm very proud of my little one. She even went on the "big potty" in nursery last night. She's go step #1 down. She still has accidents, but that's pretty normal. One uncontrollable one today. She tried, she really did. She just waited too late.

This adds a whole new dimension to doing things out though. In some ways I can see how convenient the diaper is! Today at ALDI, she told me she needed to go on the potty. I didn't even know if they had a restroom. Thank goodness for pull-ups, cause they had one, but I didn't find it quickly. We sat on it anyway. It's a memory training thing.

Just sharing the good news!


Aaron Ivey said...

hey! thanks for stopping by. i've enjoyed reading some of yours today. i'll add you to my blogroll. anything about potty training and chicken fried steak is interesting enough for me!

so, mangos are out for you guys huh? i've eaten 6 this week and i'm hooked. they're just realllly messy.


w's mommy said...

YEAH TO M!!!! HIP HIP HORRAY! I should make a detailed map of every public restroom in GVegas county! We have visited them often and W will add "That is nice soap" so now I think we go just to smell the soap! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sooo proud of M and mommy too!