Friday, July 09, 2010

Home Alone

It is rare that I am ever home alone. EXTREMELY rare. Other moms and dads know this feeling...and I'd venture to guess moms even more than dads. Now let me clarify. I am not alone. My barely 2 year old son is upstairs in his crib trying to fall asleep, but my 5 yr old daughter is on a special date to the planetarium with her dad, so I have this sweet quiet moment of "me" time till they get home.

I hooked up my ipod ready to let her rip so that I could use the "me" music for motivation to straighten the den, playroom, and maybe make it to the dishes and laundry. I sense I'll head for that next, but while I have the brief moments to myself, I thought I'd update my blog and enjoy my music.

When it's just me I tend to gravitate to Death Cab for Cutie or Coldplay. When I was alone in the car picking up the kids (to and from the grandparents house) I found all these old CD's and just laughed and enjoyed The Cure, Tori Amos, Bob Marley...among others. Funny. I really dig some Martin Sexton too thanks to my hubs and our friends Jeff and Charay from Nola.

I'll give the super quick version of what's going on these days. The summer is truckin along rather quickly. I didn't prep for the summer like I did last year planning summer camps and vbs', trips, and such. We have been to a vbs locally and another at our church next week. We have not done a single summer camp, but we had planned to learn to swim...then M broke her wrist. She got the case off after 4 weeks this past Wednesday. She was dressed entirely as wonder woman. I mean from Head to Toe! Wig to boots. It was awesome.

The kids bdays came and went. We went to Birmingham and interacted with the inlaws and cousins. We watched fireworks. I have red hair now. Had it done June 20 something. I like it. It fades quickly but I like it...and so does my hubs. We enjoyed a night of Modern worship as a precursor for what's to come at church. LOVED it. One of my closest friend's sons was hit by a car, but thank the Lord he lived. Hashing through the mess of life right now with her. Praying alot.

Watched one of my best friends go through divorce, custody battles, and it still goes on. I thanked God a lot and prayed even more for my hubs today as he has to be enjoying his job...his dream of working for himself coming true. And the added perk of it being in a field related to his hobby and life long interest. Thank you God.

We had family photos made! They were awesome and I think worth every penny for the professional photographer...Jana Candler. Thanks girl! Gearing up for the joint Bday party/Gabba fest next weekend! It should be something amazing! Also gearing up for cousin camp. Only one cousin joining us for the week this year, but hopefully as the kids get older this can be a tradition that they all look forward to! We have kept busy with Dr's appts and trips out of town. After cousin camp it my settle down a bit, but then we only have a month to prep for school and our eldest going to K5...Yikes!

Gonna go get into cleaning mode and knock this out so that our Saturday can be a sweet family time free from house hold duties.

Lord, continue to walk close by us...or rather that we would walk right alongside you!


kathylovemeyer said...

AMEN to ur last comment:) God is SO good to us:) Luv catching up w/your fam on ur blog:) At our cousin camp 8 of the cousins were here! They luv being together and really enjoy each other...that's why I do they can remain close:) Are you homeschooling M? Kelley will once again hmschool - grades 4th, 2nd, 1st, K4. Yes, she is a BUSY lady! She does a GREAT job! The last 2 years she has had them standardized tested at a Christian school and they are right on target or above:)
Amy is hmschooling her 3 oldest kids in 10th, 8th, & 7th. She is using Bob Jones DVD curriculum. They are all excited about this!