Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What would she buy?

So M decided that she wanted to do some chores to earn stickers that would eventually allow her to choose a privilege or something. I asked her what it was she was working toward and her reply is...
She want to buy a lemon. A yellow lemon that is squishy, rubbery, and squeaks. She estimates that it will cost $6. I have no idea where she will find said lemon and got no real answer to the question of why she wanted the lemon, but that is precisely what she wants.

First she said that she was going to put it in her dress up box, but when I explained that it wasn't dress up, she decided to put it in her rose petal cottage. Then she said, actually she would keep it in her bed, cause that way she could squeak it first thing after awakening. O.K. Can't blame a girl for knowing what she wants.


Shelby said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha... loving both stories. stone hates those automatic toilets too, but the thought of him having a temper tantrum on the floor of a wal-mart bathroom gives me the heeby jeebies!!!

speaking of temper tantrums in a public place, i have my own story to tell about stone in a grocery store not too long ago.. i wanted to turn invisible.... will have to blog about it!