Friday, December 21, 2007

A Wise Quote

This is a quote I borrow from a gal who also borrowed it...AND YET I find it stunningly appropriate for life right now. I am not battling terminal cancer like my friend, but none the less am battling something else (aren't we all). I would have liked to remind myself of this quote almost daily during Katrina, but I never knew. Now, at a time when I watch my family go through what I can only describe as a far more painful, "man-made", personally inflicted by people that were supposed to love, disaster...I find these words comforting. In this season of joy and celebration, please remember to see those around you. Not everyone is in a season of celebration in their lives. Some people may need more than a $4 gift wrapped in a bag with sparkles and tissue paper. If nothing else give Christ this year. Be the reminder yourself. Be Christ for others.

Octavius Winslow… “During the process that God is providentially dealing with His people, there is often much that seems to ruffle the surface of the soul, disturbing its repose with a wave here, a billow there, a swelling yonder. His providential dealings are sometimes so inexplicable, painful, and dark, that for a moment the child of God is, as it were, unbalanced. He begins to think that all these circumstances and events are about to militate against his best interests, while that is transpiring, the feeling of perfect satisfaction. But let him calmly wait and trustfully hope until God Himself interprets…gives him light on what is now so shaded, perfects the thing concerning him, and then,…he will say, ‘Lord, it is enough; I am perfectly satisfied with all your dealings with me. I thought the stroke severe, I felt that burden crushing; I trembled as I entered into that cloud; my unbelieving heart murmured; but now, my God, my Father, in clearer light I…exclaim, ‘It is enough; I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness.’ The full, the perfect satisfaction is reserved when we enter glory, and look back on all the past and see how wise, how loving, how holy, was the whole arrangement of God’s gracious and providential dealings with us.”


kathylove said...

AMEN, indeed, precious one. Continue to pray for you all.