Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Still No Mac

Well, still no computer. I'm borrowing Jason's computer from work. The update begins thus... we've had interesting health issues going on in our house. Mercy got 104.1 fever at midnite Monday morning! Believe me, I was scared. Sure enough, we went to the Doctor the next day and were there for over 2 hours. We took numerous tests to find out that all they could determine is that she was fighting off something. Of course, we were concerned about missing halloween and such. But, yesterday, she was delightful! no fever and no medicine!

Jason had a fever today too. Not more than 100 though.

My health has been back and forth. I had an awful headache half the day today that didn't go away with medicine. I've been battling rotten headaches for over a week. I also had stomach issues today, but I'm hoping that it was just from dinner last night. I'm also trying to determine how I'm doing as far as depression and meds go. Not sure though what is meds and what is depression and what is just health things. I'll be meeting with the Dr. though next week.

On a more fun note...halloween was great! I've never seen such an adorable pink poodle! I can't wait to post some pics when we get a computer. Mercy had a ball learning to knock on doors, digging through bowls of candy, picking flowers, petting cats, playing with balls, and blowing kisses and saying thank you and bye bye. We went in a circle around the neighborhood at night, and went around at Jason's work during the day. The two best things for Mercy were suckers and one lady who offered books instead of candy. Mercy simply sat down in front of the box and started digging through. She got three books, two about dogs, and Snow White. Having a child is so lovely and rewarding!


Lacey said...

Bless your heart. I hope that you all feel better. Mercy has had such a rough time lately. Please call me if I can do anything to help. Love you girly.

Edmund said...

Hey Gini! It's been really crazy with year end work but today I thought about you and Jason. I miss you guys. so I just wanted to say hi. sorry about the mac. perhaps it's time to get the macbook!