Saturday, February 17, 2007

First Day of Shopping and Saving

Those of you who know me, know that I am and have always been a bargain shopper, but this new "Coupon Coop" (hehe) takes it to a whole new level! I took a pic of my purchases today so that I can post it tomorrow so look for that. But, I have never been on such a delightful shopping extravaganza. I'll explain. I went to Walgreens and Ingles today because their weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. At Walgreens I shopped the list (grocery game) and of course had to check out the after valentine's day sale, as well as a ream of paper that I needed desperately, and a few little $2 gifts to stash away for Mercy and Stone on their birthdays! I had trouble at first finding everything that I wanted. They weren't where they should have been, but a very kind employee who spotted me wandering and looking slightly confused offered her assistance. She didn 't even seem slightly perturbed when I sought her out two more times.

I had noticed that the store manager and another manager that came across as being even higher up than the store manager were talking about sales, promotion, and such as they were redoing an isle for Easter. On my way to the check out counter I let them both know what a terrific employee she was. They seemed thrilled, and she (the employee) told me bye with a big smile, so the word must have made it to her quickly! That just made the shopping experience ten times better. I felt light and carefree almost.

As if that alone didn't make for a great first day of shopping and saving, I also went to Ingles. I followed the list nearly exclusively with the exception of fabric softner which I was totally out of. I actually found one that was only $1 and didn't smell like a moth ball had been dropped into the mix!

When I got home, I took a pic of all I got and then sat down and figured up how much I spent, saved, and the percentage. Here are the results:
The total cost was right at $40.00 (give or take a few cents). It's original total value was right at $123.50. My savings percentage was 67.5%!!! Can't wait to go for Bi-Lo and Publix! And I can't wait to post a pic!


it's a Mom thing said...

money money money

You're saving a LOT of it. I'm going to sign up for the "game" next month when I have a fresh stash of grocery cash.

Question- did you buy stuff that is actually useful to you or that you can make meals with. Or was it more stuff to stockpile for the future?

Gini Young said...

A little of both actually. But the great thing is the list! I didn't necessarily buy the same thing my mom did cause we didn't need the same things! I still have to go to bi-lo and publix (probably Tues.) That'll be more food shopping. I bought everything from cleaning supplies, toiletries, a curling iron (that I needed), food, etc. It was a rather random assortment so far. We are still waiting on a back log of coupons to come from Should be here today! Read the site. She says that it'll take no more than 12 wks. till you should have all the same coupons she does. Plus I'm just getting into this stockpiling thing.

Gini Young said...

Went for another run and spent only $40. Got nearly $160 worth of groceries this time! That's right at 75% savings! Woohoo! As if shopping wasn't fun in its own right!